One can only see with the heart and the hands! What is essential is invisible to our eyes…

A while back I discovered that the energy that emanated from my hands could, among other things, remove pain. This realization, destabilizing in the least, deeply moved me and led me to pursue, alongside my business career, an exploration of different forms of well-being, be it physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual.

After training at a wonderful open-minded school, I decided to make myself available to help  people  with persistent pain, physical challenges and somato-emotional issues. I have an interdisciplinary approach inspired by manual therapy, fasciatherapy and osteopathy, along with several energy techniques of which mostly osteodouce. 

I consider it a great privilege to be invited into someone’s energetic intimacy, to feel the heartbeat of life and sometimes, its painful silence. I am always amazed at the feeling ability of the hands, and my heart only has one intent: to help others be free of pain and be just fine.

What can be ‘seen with the eyes’ of my formal education:

College degree Health Sciences

Bachelor Sciences Mathematics

MBA finance

ICD-D accredited director

Accredited therapeutic massage therapist

Aromatherapy training

First responder’s training

Osteopathy degree