Energy treatments

What is essential is invisible to the eyes…and to the Cartesian mind!

All living beings are an energetic body that houses a physical body. Didn’t Einstein say : « Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses»?

This energetic envelop has several layers that can extend up to two or three feet from the body. Another way of expressing this is to talk about aura. Our bodies take in energy through a series of ‘mouths’ that cross our energy field called chakras. There are many chakras on the body, but from an energy treatment standpoint, we concentrate on the main ones, around ten.

Before appearing in the body, imbalance can be found in this energetic envelop (disease, trauma, negative energy from toxic people or situations, emotions that we pick up unknowingly from others, etc.) Imbalance also comes from our way of thinking, negative beliefs, often unconscious.

There are different means of self-cleansing the energy in our body: meditation, exercise, rest, music, self-awareness, surrounding oneself with loving and healthy people.

An energy sensitive therapist will facilitate the cleansing and often when it is done on a deep level, it has an emotionally liberating effect. The use of precious stones and crystals can heighten the treatment, as well as Reiki and other similar techniques.

This treatment may appear simplistic and trivial to the uninitiated or to a cartesian mind, but it is undeniably rebalancing and one is left with a feeling of being centered and at peace.