Fascia therapy

What are fascia? They are thin filaments (think of the ones between chicken meat and its skin) that form a communication network between all the body’s tissues (skin, tendons, muscles, bones, nerves…). They are considered the ‘soft skeleton’ of the body. When certain parts of the body are sore, there can be related tension of the fascia and because its network is vast and complex, a pain in the shoulder can be caused by a ‘knot’ in the fascia at the hip that then leads to one at the leg…and so on!

Fascia therapy is the art of releasing tension and knots in the fascia related to injuries, emotions and stress through the use of slow movements. This slowness, unusual to a non-initiated client, is one of its key features. 

There are many steps in the process: work starts in large surfaces and then, in specific spots. As a region slowly become less congested, deeper layer work can be performed. And since the freeing of tension allows fluids to freely circulate (blood, lymph) and a more efficient elimination of the body’s waste, fascia therapy’s full effect takes several weeks as the body continues the cleansing work on itself.

A session generally lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, a big part of which is spent working on the client’s back. For a specific region, it can also be integrated partially into another type of massage or an osteopathy session.