Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils, for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Aromatherapy is not a casual ‘smell good’ discipline.

One must treat essential oils with much care, respect and elementary precautions and consult an aromatherapist for information on their properties and ideal usage. One drop of essential oil is equivalent to over thirty cups of herb tea, one can appreciate its potential positive effect, or conversely, its negative if poorly administered.

Also, in the case of pregnant women, children and animals, one must use extreme caution because certain oils can be very harmful to them, and also, there is the key question of the correct dosage when they are recommended. Essential oils have properties that alleviate many unpleasant symptoms and their natural energy also gently works on one’s mental state in synergy with the body.

Knowledge of a person’s characteristics is key in choosing the right essential oils. Many annoying health issues can be things of the past with their adroit usage.