As an osteopath, I initiate a dialogue with the body. Its response is a constant source of wonder and will keep me forever humble. I believe in its healing potential, at its own rhythm.

An osteopath is, in a way, the body’s mechanic. His interest lies in whole body functions. The osteopath conducts a series of mobility tests for the spine, the cranium, the joints and the internal organs. All this information, be it tension or position, guides him to provide the appropriate osteopathic technique, and it is in this regard that he is clearly different from other manual therapists (physiotherapists, chiropractors), because he seeks to identify the root cause of the symptoms that are often secondary to the main issue. Osteopathy is a holistic approach, providing care to the whole person. To excel in osteopathy, one must have studied anatomy, the body’s biomechanics and physiology. One must also master the art of palpation by developing the hand’s palpatory, feeling and intuitive skills.