Massage therapy

Californian massage

A Californian massage is a relaxation massage with long enveloping movements. The accent is on both mental and physical relaxation.

It starts with soft effleurage to approach the body gently, followed by a series of movements later intensified to work on deeper tension. This bodywork can help bring to the surface emotions that are buried in the cellular memory to release them.

Californian massage appeared in the early 70’s, at a time where many different therapeutic approaches were being developed to enhance human emotional expression and mind-body consciousness.

Californian massage can be of great help for people suffering with chronic pain, the muscular pain felt by people suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other such ailments. It can also trigger body memory, support people having experienced trauma or that are undergoing psychotherapy.

Indian massage

This massage activates the natural flow of blood circulation and stimulates cleansing of the body. The movements will therefore be directed towards the feet when prone and towards the heart when supine, in harmony with the natural direction of blood flow in the body.